Adafruit Metro - Barebones Starter Kit
Arduino Uno R3 - Barebones Starter Kit by Free Radical Labs

Adafruit Metro - Barebones Starter Kit

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Wanting to get your toes (or someone else's toes) dipped into the world of Arduino-compatible microcontrollers?  Free Radical Labs has compiled a Barebones Adafruit Metro Starter kit.  This is great for someone who may be on the fence to committing money to starting with microcontrollers.  The kit includes all of the hardware you need to get started.  We've even got tutorials to get help you get going!

The Kit Includes:

  • 1 - Adafruit Metro (w/ headers installed)
  • 1 - USB (micro-B) Cable
  • 1 - Mini Breadboard
  • 10 - 6" Jumper Wires
  • 1 - LED (probably red)
  • 5 - 330 Ohm Resistors
  • 1 - Light Dependent Resistor
  • 1 - Trim Potentiometer
  • 1 - Momentary Push Button
  • 1 - TMP36 Temperature Sensor

Note:  To run this, you will need a pretty up-to-date version of the Arduino IDE; the latest of which can be found here.  You may also need some FTDI VCP drivers found here to solve some COM/serial issues.