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Free Radical Labs' Tutorials

Particle Device Tutorials

1. Updating Particle Devices With Much Older Firmware Versions

Onion Omega2 Tutorials:

1. Low Cost Custom Baby Monitor Using Onion Omega2 and an old Webcam

Free Radical Labs has worked with the great folks at the Lamblab in New York to bring you some tutorials to get you started using your Arduino or Arduino-compatible board.  These tutorials are designed to work with our barebones microcontroller kits.

1.  Getting Started
2.  Controlling the Brightness of an LED with a Potentiometer
3.  Observing Temperature with a TMP36 Sensor
4.  Creating a Night Light
5.  Flip a Coin
6.  Using the Sparkfun Moisture Sensor in our Herb Garden (Sparkfun Redboard)




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