Laser Engraving

Free Radical Labs uses an Epilog Mini 24 carbon dioxide laser (similar to above picture). This allows us to engrave wood, glass, and some plastics with a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility. The laser gives us a working area of approximately 24″ by 12″ with a working depth of approximately 10″.  Additionally, we have a rotary engraving tool that allows us to engrave cylindrical items like beverage containers and vases.

Service Pricing

Please note: Laser Engraving is equal parts art and science.  We strongly recommend that customers use products that we provide to ensure a quality end product. Although products may look similar, we will not guarantee our work for customer-provided items. If you are looking for a catalog of laserable materials, we would suggest checking JDS Industries or Johnson Plastics Plus for pre-tested materials.

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