Free Radical Labs uses a  Barudan Elite XL2 needle embroidery machine to make your art come to live.  9 needles gives us the ability to bring 9 different colors to live on your garments.  We can do jacket backs, sleeves, chest logos and hats with vivid Madeira threads (we’re brand loyal).  We’d love to hear from you regarding your next embroidery project.  We specialize in logos and text embroidery with prices set for local small businesses.

Embroidery Pricing

We strongly suggest against customizing irreplaceable or one-of-a-kind items that are no longer produced. Although we use the highest quality machines, embroidery is as much art as it is science.  We work with a certain range of materials and fabrics that we have specialized in.  Custom items simply may not react well to having a needle pushed through it several thousand times.  Our primary focus is the fast turn around of quality logos and text – we can not guarantee that your vintage item will respond as desired to embroidery.

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