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Pi Desktop

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The DIY Pi Desktop is an innovative accessory that has been designed to be used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 to give them the functionality of a standard desktop computer.  With the Pi Desktop you will be able to convert your Raspberry Pi into a full PC with WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth®, Real-Time Clock (RTC), Camera and SSD (sold separately) capabilities. Once assembled all you need to do is connect the Pi Desktop to a keyboard through USB and a display through HDMI — then enjoy a full PC experience! The contents of this kit fit securely inside the included stylish case, which allows you to conceal everything within the enclosure to keep things nice and tidy.

This kit includes an add-on board that plugs into the 40-pin GPIO connector of the Pi and helps to connect a high-capacity external Solid State Drive (SSD) via mSATA interface for up to 1TB of extended memory. The Pi Desktop also offers an RTC and an intelligent power management controller to keep track of time and turn the Pi on/off or reboot without unplugging the USB power cable.

Note: This kit does NOT include a Raspberry Pi, which will need to be purchased separately. Please read through what the kit includes below, as well as additional required items in the User Manual.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the Pi Desktop in stock?

    Yes, as of the 10/10/17 they are in stock.

  • It looks like there is a space for a small fan. Could you see if you could source the correct one that the pi can handle and fits in the slots?


    I have done some cursory checking and have a lead on one, however off the top of my head powering it is still a question.  I will send you an email once I've got something a little more concrete.


  • Will this allow me to connect a MSATA drive to the Pi?

    Yes, you can connect an mSATA SSD up to 1TB in size.

  • Does this kit include a power supply?

    Hello Tony,

    This product does not come with a power supply - however we have a 5.25V wall adapter (on Sale for Cyber Monday) that works just fine with the Pi Desktop.

    5.25V Wall Adapter


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