SUCKIT OOPS Clamp Review

We've made no qualms about how much we love the people at SUCKIT.  They are makers too and their products stem from common problems that we encounter whenever we fire our home CNC routers up.  Our SUCKIT Dust Boot has been one of the best purchases we've made in the shop concerning our beloved X-Carve.  Jenn and the gang were kind enough to provide a few of the OOPS clamps for us to try out.

The final verdict is that we love the clamps.  They are simple and do a good job of keeping things where they need to be.  Our X-Carve came with some basic wooden-ish clamps that we still use, however we are going to be putting more of the OOPS clamps into the rotation.  If you're looking for an intuitive clamping solution take a look at them.  SUCKIT always has great customer service and ample thought and effort have gone into the final product.  We've been privy to some aspects of the development and its good to know that SUCKIT doesn't cut corners to save a buck or two.

Although SUCKIT sent us a few clamps, we would definitely buy them again.  Thankfully we haven't had to replace any of the "OOPS" tips due to us not paying attention to our tool paths, but its good to know that a little boo-boo on the users part won't render the entire clamp useless.  Solid part, solid buy, solid people- you can't really go wrong.