Suckit Dust Boot Review

The Suckit Dust Boot is a solid addition to your home CNC setup.  Our friends north of the border have done an excellent job designing a product that makes life easier and actually safer when it comes to your next home CNC project.

Full Disclosure: Although we received a modest discount on our Dust Boot - we still paid near retail for the device - as shipping from Canada can be expensive.  We didn't get it for free so rest assured this (like all of our other reviews) is our no B.S. assessment.

In all, it took 10 minutes for us to install our Suckit Dust Boot.  Ordinarily that would seem like a feat in-and-of itself however we spent 4 of those minutes watching a Youtube tutorial and 3 more minutes looking for the correct hex key in the toolbox.  The Suckit Dust Boot is truly that easy to install.

The boot mounts directly to the X-carriage of our "old school" X-Carve with what are essentially interference fits.  In the beginning I had a little uneasiness about the fitment but once I got everything together and snug I am comfortable that my boot isn't going anywhere.  The design is solid and after a few runs it hasn't loosened up at all.

My chief reason for getting the boot was the shear amount of MDF I was cutting on the X-Carve.  The idea of formaldehyde-flavored dust in the air wasn't super appealing to me so I'd always had the vacuum running (manually) along side the cutter as it was going.  This was never really an issue as MDF cuts tend to be quick, but it does get old once you find out there is a better way.

After I installed the boot I took a trip to my local big box store and got a vacuum hose extension which mated directly to the provided adapter.  I was concerned that the suction would not be as strong as I'd like but my modest little shop vac has enough suction to pull small cut-outs of MDF through an 8-foot, 2.5" diameter hose with no issues or audible strain.  I guess that says more about the vacuum than the boot, but you get the point.

To sum it up, if you are going to cut MDF or pretty much anything else on your X-Carve or Shapeoko or whatever you need some sort of enclosure or vacuum system.  I can personally say that the Suckit Dust Boot is an awesome addition that will help you cut longer and safe - all at a reasonable cost.

Interested in purchasing a Suckit Dust Boot?  You can click here to visit their site.