More thoughts on our X-Carve

Random Disclaimer:  We are out of the lab this week for training, any orders placed this week will ship next Tuesday due to Labor Day.

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to share our initial thoughts on the X-Carve after the build was complete.  Now that I've had a good solid week under my belt I can share the highs and lows I experienced.  Overall it has been a great week although some of our carves did not turn out as well as we'd expected.  The upside to all of this was that the Inventables forum is awesome and with folks' help I was able to get my act together.

The keys to good cuts are going to be alignments, squareness and belt tension.  In my case, my biggest issue was belt tension.  Two words that you always need to keep in mind: banjo tight, yes, banjo tight.  I had an issue where a belt slipped causing a the X-Carve to lose its position on my work piece, but I learned my lesson and was able to do some experiments on the reverse so I didn't waste any wood.

The above picture is the result of a belt slippage.  The X and O are messed up because the belt tension on that area of the workspace was different and so the quality was lacking in the final cut.  This was corrected by the two aforementioned magic words and I was able to pull this off:


I was really happy with how this turned out, I think I'm going to use this file for a gift for my old man.

Overall, its been a good week with the X-Carve.  I'm just waiting on my electric bill.