The ReMix Chronicles: Part 2

Remix Chronicles Part 2

Our first big ReMix Project at Double Helix is building a functioning telegraph.  I don't know exactly why the kids decided of all the things to build they wanted to build a telegraph machine, but who am I to stand in the way of their creativity. 

We watched a couple videos on YouTube on how a telegraph machine works and then we set about on drawing up some simple sketches on how they wanted their telegraph to work.  You can never underestimate the intelligence of children as well as how creative they can be.

By this point in the curriculum, my kids are pretty adept a some simple measurements with a digital multimeter.  We also had a whole session devoted to soldering basics, so my students can "stick" two things together - generally without a trip to the first aid bin.  This week we focused on assembling the parts that I'd drawn up in Fusion 360 and assembling the electromagnet.

All of the connectivity among the various components was solid and I was proud of how well my students picked up on the "bigger" picture - how all of the previous lessons in basics was now adding up to a toolbox of skills.

For all intents and purposes we have a completed telegraph except the electromagnet portion is weak.  This is due to the low iron content in the original core.  What you see pictured is a drill bit we tried to see if we could bump up the power of the electromagnet.

We will finish the project next week with an improved electromagnet, I think a piece of rebar will have enough iron to do the trick.