Updating Particle Devices With Much Older Firmware Versions

A couple weeks ago, we learned the hard way about keeping your devices updated.  We attended the Hatch Athens monthly hackathon with hopes of winning (although our Windows PC had other ideas).  We had recently worked through all of the necessary steps to integrate our Particle Electron into Google Maps for live cell-tower based "GPS" tracking, but we ran into a simple issue that took us forever to diagnose and equally as long to fix.

Our firmware on our Electron was out-of-date.  Way. Out. Of. Date.

Particle supplied a straightforward guide to get the Google Maps Integration up and running.  Our first indication that something was wrong was that the sample code would not compile.  We eventually figured out that this was due to the fact that we were running firmware version 0.4.8.  We had never updated our Electron and therefore the code would not work.

We couldn't find a straightforward answer on how to update our Particle Devices from super old firmware versions to current ones, so we dug and dug and with the help of some forums and outside sources we have the answer.

The devices cannot be updated in one fell swoop.  We could not get the command line updater to recognize that the unit was ready to update.  It showed as an Electron when it wasn't in update mode, but when we changed it over it would not update.

The Solution:

Go to our GitHub Repo here.

From there you can download the Windows version of the updaters (there are 3 of them) that will allow you to move stepwise forward.  Install the lowest version first, then rinse and repeat and this should get you to a current version.