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The Work of Dads and Daughters

Posted by Jason Robinson on

The Work of Dads and Daughters

If you've ever needed reason to believe there is hope for the world, you just need to look at the photo header for this blog.

Last Saturday, we hosted another great Black Girls Code workshop in Atlanta.  As always I have to give a huge thank you to all of the volunteers and BGC staff that sacrifice their time to make sure these events continue to grow and our execution improves with each iteration.  The "WE CREATE" event was a bit different in that the parents stayed the entire time with the girls and worked alongside them through the material.  We had great turnout as always however early on we noticed something impressive - the ratio of dads to moms.

It shouldn't have been impressive at all if you think about it.  You would think the split would have been 50/50 but we kept seeing dads (and brothers) accompanying the girls to the event.  I cannot stand stereotypes and vitriol however we live in a world which wants us to believe that fathers of color are somehow totally absent from the lives of their children.  For the past two weeks I have seen fathers of color accompany their daughters to STEM workshops and that has renewed my resolve to continue to do what I do.

Being a parent, the importance of participation is not lost on me.  Having a son presents its own set of challenges and worries (if I am completely honest), but I could not imagine the concerns of raising a young lady.  All I can do is take this moment to salute the fathers that took the time to come and learn something new with their girls.  Well done gentlemen, well done.

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