Week In Review: In Medius Res

It has been like Christmas in August here in the lab over the past few days.  Our X-Carve has arrived along with two Photons we ordered from Particle so we'll be quick about this.

The X-Carve

We are about 95% of the way through our X-Carve build.  We will publish a more in depth review once we make our test cut, but I have to tell you that you have to "want" this.  Inventables is a great, I mean GREAT company to work with but there are some known issues with their instructions.  I realize bigger companies have whole department filled with technical writers that address issues like these so I'm not going to down Inventables for their directions.  It is not that the directions are bad but there are two things that become frustrating: Since there are so many different variations of the X-Carve you may get in trouble if you don't read carefully and the pictures sometimes do not match where you should be in the build.  Now they do ask for user contribution to the directions and the forums were a great help.  The X-Carve is not ready for the mass market but I don't think that is a surprise to anyone - CNC is not a mass market technology.  I can definitely say there is a sense of ownership now that I have almost 12 hours into the build and overall the experience has been worth it.  Its all wired up and functional, I've just got to connect the limit switches and do some more minor calibrations before I fire it up for the test cut.

Photon by Particle

We pre-ordered 2 Photons a couple weeks ago (sadly we missed the first batch) and they arrived over the weekend.  Think of the Photon as a microcontroller that you can control from your smart phone - to some extent.  Again, we will publish a more in depth review and show off a project that we are working on in the next few days.  Getting started is easy, however I had some issues with my internet dropping out due to bad weather which made the process frustrating only from the fact that it was being slowed by an external factor- the Photons worked great.  The Internet of Things is possible with these... give us a few more days and we'll get back to you.

Oh, the Ashley Madison Hack

It keeps getting better and better- White House staffers, Government Investigators and even Josh Duggar.  Who hasn't been touched by the hack?  Well, actually we haven't  but the ripple effects from this comparatively small hack will continue for some time.  The lawsuits are already starting to fall from the sky and I think there may be a few more divorces on the docket due to this.  For us here at FRL, this has never been about morality - its about how safe your data is.  Morality is just the glue that has kept this story stuck in the headlines.