Week In Review: Thus Far

If the above picture has haunted you this week - its kind of your own fault.  It's no secret that the Ashley Madison "find-a-side-piece" hookup site was hacked some time back - but the bomb that dropped on Internetville was the release of people's personal information regarding their *ahem* preferences as well as the usual name/address/email information.  The information was posted on the darknet and has since been gobbled up by everyone with a Tor browser.

Hacks have become part of daily life for 99% of the folks in the wired (or wireless) world.  What you do on your own time is your own business, but it's not going to look good in court if there is a record of you testing their "affair guarantee."  Yes that is a real thing.  Home Depot's been hit, Target, the IRS and OPM have all been infiltrated - so what on Earth made people thing this site was safe?

In other news, Free Radical Lab's X-Carve arrives tomorrow.  Therefore our weekend is pretty much booked solid moving stuff around in the lab and making a table for it.  Also, we have 2 Particle Photon IOT boards coming in for review.  We'll post that as soon as we get done spooning with our X-Carve.