RIP hitchBOT

What does hitchBOT's violent demise say about America?

To be honest, I was not really sad when hitchBOT met his untimely demise but I was generally irked by the circumstances.  HitchBOT had relied on the kindness of strangers to make it across entire countries.  He didn't even make it 200 miles across the United States before being beheaded in Philadelphia.  I originally commented about how some people destroy things they do not understand and after having a few more days to think about it I've grown even more generally bothered.

Is America more savage than the rest of the world?  I would not like to think so, but this is a case of the actions of a few individuals completely shadowing the kind acts that had been shown to hitchBOT throughout the course of his travels.  Bad apples always spoil the bunch.

Image Courtesy hitchBOT's Facebook

RIP hitchBOT.