FRL, Web Analytics and You

I already told my wife that Google Analytics and I have a thing going on.

Rest assured that the only reason Free Radical Labs collects data about you is to better serve you.  After a flurry of activity, I have finally been able to sit down and set up our Analytics account to learn more about the folks who take time out of their day to read our blog and peruse our products.  For that, we thank you and promise to treat your personal data like we treat our own.

Free Radical Labs provides a service and we need to know who our customers are and what they want.  That's why we encourage you to reach out to us on you Contact Page and we have the Technical Support button that hovers in the lower right hand corner of every page.  Without you, we simply wouldn't exist.

I never want to see this company so big that the customers are no longer seen as people we can help.  I believe that capitalism and empowerment can share space.  Our customers are not numbers, you are people and we never want you to forget that.