The Truth About @BlackGirlsCode

I hate the fact that race has become such a divisive issue in America.  I hate that bit about humanity.  For all of humanity's greatest accomplishments, it will always be held back by preconceived notions about the concentration of melanin in someone's skin or where someone's family came from.  These two otherwise arbitrary characteristics are sicknesses from which humanity apparently does not wish to cure itself.

When I started Free Radical Labs, it was about empowering everyone.  Anyone can learn something new, anyone can take something away, make it their own and be proud of the fact that they are somewhat better than when they woke up that morning.  I'd known about the Black Girls Code's coding camp in Durham for a couple days, and I am proud to see that the camp was a success, but what has disappointed me the most about the whole event has been the hatred and vitriol that has surrounded a local news station's posting on Facebook about the event (At this point, the link is not worth including).

Let's be clear.  Black Girls Code is not about just black girls.  Black Girls Code does not exclude girls from their events.  Black Girls Code is a response to a lack of women of color in STEM fields and one person's drive to make a difference that is shared by many.  If someone is so hung up on their perception of exclusivity instead of an opportunity for empowerment that is no fault of BGC.  It is easy to play Sunday evening quarterback and spew your dislike on Facebook, that it your constitutional right.  By the way, that is the same constitution that had to be amended a couple of times to legally grant equality to everyone... just in case you forgot.

Free Radical Labs will stand by Black Girls Code because we both believe in helping people (especially children and young adults) be that much better than they were this morning.  If you have a problem with the name, I cannot do anything for you.  If you have a problem with their mission, I can't help you there either.  However, if you would like to be part of the solution instead of a semi-anonymous, misinformed talking head - go to their website, and learn more about their cause.