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Weekly Update - Family First

Posted by Jason Robinson on

Its a new week - if you choose to be happy or not is your choice.  We're going to choose happiness at Free Radical Labs because we have tons of awesome things to share.

The new Onion Power Dock 2 has arrived!  Its an incremental improvement over the original Power Dock with the biggest addition being a ADC that allows you to estimate the remaining power of the attached LiPo battery.  To help make room for the new arrival, we've put the remaining original Power Docks on sale.

Pi Desktops Kits have been moving off the shelves as fast as we can keep them in stock.  This kit from Element 14 turns your RPi 2/3 into a fully functional desktop computer and it even allows you to add a solid-state hard drive to increase the amount of storage.  These Desktop Kits can be hard to find and even the manufacturer is having fun trying to keep up with demand.  We've got two shipments on the way - so if it shows out of stock be sure to sign up for the email updates so you can be alerted as soon as shipments arrive.

Finally, The Hatch had its grand opening party over the weekend and we missed it.  We've already heard it was standing room only and this somewhat hurt our feelings.  If you're fortunate enough to live near us in Athens and you are looking for an awesome makerspace - look no further than The Hatch.

Free Radical Labs' (completely unofficial) CFO had her 20th High School Reunion this weekend and we had committed to attend 6 months ago.  As much as we love the folks at The Hatch - FRL is a family business and family comes first.  We were however able to show off our maker skills as we took some leftover MDF sheets and some foam left over from the ceiling tile project and we made some awesome DIY decorations.  As much as we love our friends at the Makerspace we can never forget how much our own family has done for this business.

So there's your weekly update.  Go forth being just a bit smarter now!

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