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Vote Like Your Life Depends on It

Posted by Jason Robinson on

Note: We are notoriously apolitcal here at Free Radical Labs and that extends to the content of this message.  Under no circumstances do we endorse candidates but we encourage everyone to exercise their constitutional rights to vote unimpeded for the candidate of their choosing.

Unfortunately, the best part about Tuesday, November 8th is that after 11:59pm it will be over.  I cannot think of another time in my lifetime where I have had to trudge through so much vitriol, puerile arguing, blatant lies and scandal as found in the 2016 election.  As Americans it has become evident that our proclivity towards personalities has usurped our duties as citizens of this great democracy.

This election is about more that just a "him or her" Presidency.  This election is about education, climate change, foreign policy, domestic policy and on... and on... and on...  Yes there are some issues that are dealt with directly by the President, but we cannot lose sight of so-called down ballot issues.  If you paid attention in high school government you would remember that this government has a system of checks and balances.  The President is not some all-powerful governmental being.  You have to think of the President as the CEO of America and not its monarch.  You cannot blame a President (solely) for gas prices - it does not work like that.

If you voted early, Thank you!  If you are voting tomorrow, Thank you!  If you are apathetic and feel like your vote doesn't matter: please consider the following - Al Gore lost his bid for President by 538 votes.  Your vote matters.  Your vote makes a difference.

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