The ReMix Chronicles

Free Radical Labs is proud to announce the latest product of our Partnership with Double Helix Steam School here in Athens, Georgia.  We are currently teaching a hands-on engineering elective called "ReMix" which introduces students to some of the fundamentals of engineering and allows them hands on experience with many of the tools of the trade.

We are two weeks into the course at this point and our students have already grasped the concept of electrical connectivity (as checked with a digital multimeter) and the basics of soldering.  We capped off our electricity prep course with an exercise where the students soldered Sparkfun Weevil Eye kits together (with a little help from their instructor).

From the look of it, our kids are pretty happy with the end point and this takes us to our capstone project for our crash course on how electricity works.  Starting on the week of February 3, our students will be building a functioning telegraph machine and we expect that we will have it wrapped in a couple weeks.

We are proud to continue our fruitful partnership with Double Helix and we are super excited to see how well the students' telegraph turns out.  After the telegraph machine, will focus on electromechanics and start tearing everyday items apart to learn exactly how they work.