Weekly Update - While You Are Out Having Fun

The first quarter of every year is always a weird time at Free Radical Labs. There's so much to catch up on; its mainly paperwork to keep this whole operation sweet and legal.  We knew that weekly updates were an ambitious goal, and since we are only 4 weeks behind we don't consider ourselves total failures.

Second to the paperwork, we take the time to make infrastructure upgrades.  Thanks to our awesome customers we were able to purchase a laser system to do the random sorts of things you need a laser for.  Once we got the laser up and properly ventilated (only taking 2x as much hi-temp tape as we planned) we realized that our 3D modeling machine was getting a bit long in the tooth as it doesn't like to run the applications necessary to design stuff for the laser to cut simultaneously.  So once we get our new case, we are building a sweet new rig to crank out some fun stuff.

It's spring break here in Northeast Georgia.  Oddly most of the colleges and school districts are in sync for the first time in a long time so we are hard at it... while you are probably at the beach.  Stay tuned - we've got some cool stuff projects to show off soon.