Weekly Update - What the Future Looks Like

I can't tell you what the future holds, but I can give you an idea of what it's going to look like.

If you spend any time around business people, especially entrepreneurs, you will hear the word pivot.  I used to be afraid of Free Radical Labs not working out, but what you have to realize that sometimes, in spite of your best laid plans - you have to change your plans.  Somewhat.

We aren't shutting down, we just have to adjust the focus of our operation a bit to stay afloat.  If we are honest, you can buy microcontrollers anywhere but our original plan was to build the credibility to encourage people to buy from someone you knew was active in their community in order to help support their mission.  To some extent, this worked - however in the face of looming tariffs increasing the costs of our products we had to make some adjustments.  We simply aren't big enough to absorb rising costs and the market has already shown an intolerance to many branded products when generic items can be found much cheaper.

So what does it all mean?  We are scaling back the e-commerce side of the house some.  We will still source products for schools and our own events, however we will be limiting the scope of the items mainly to pre-assembled kits and moving away from individual components.  Our relationship with Treehouse will not change, STEAM Saturdays will still go on.  We are committed to allowing the children of Northeast Georgia affordable access to science and technology instruction.  From this we will not waver.

We are a creative bunch, so we have decided to allow that creativity to thrive.  We will be putting the balance of our energy into sharing our talents with other creators.  More on that in a future update... first we have to get this move complete.