Weekly Update - The Wild Blue

We are quickly coming up on the three year anniversary of launching the Free Radical Labs website.  We have always had a purpose, but its funny how things will change over the course of years when you are in business.  The good news is that we are growing - our overall purpose has not changes but how we do it is evolving.

We are makers, plain and simple.  We want to empower other people to learn that there are so many things in life that you can make.  Things may not work out like you want it the first time or two, but what I can say with absolute certainty there is nothing like having made something yourself instead of just buying it complete.

We will be expanding our goods and services lineup a bit over the summer.  We are proudly bringing out shirt production in house as apparel customization is actually fun and why would a maker-at-heart outsource something like that?

Stay tuned... awesomeness awaits.