Weekly Update - The Machine

I mean... but we've got shelves now.

People keep asking when we are going to have the grand opening for our new space.  I honestly don't know because there is sooooo much stuff that goes into moving into a space - no matter how big it is.  I could not imagine the logistical nightmare of moving into a larger space because the right-sized space we have currently is nothing but a jealous mistress.  But I digress....

These are good times at Free Radical Labs.  As I said a couple months ago, we aren't really scared of who we are.  We aren't just for electronics tinkerers, we are for anyone who wants to grow or improve.  Whether this is a better water sensor for your lotus plant or building your brand as a content creator.  There are a couple things we do, and just a few we do well.

This machine is crazy.  If I didn't have good people around me, I'd be insane just from the paperwork alone.  Its great when you have a creative community that supports you and reminds you that you aren't making this up - nor are you the only one.