Weekly Update - The Last Minute

Most people's favorite thing to do this time of year is procrastinate. Yes, we enjoy office parties (and the associated awkward Monday) but we sometimes put off finding that perfect gift for someone until its too late.  In the realm of e-commerce I'm supposed to passive-aggressively remind you that time is not on your side and that you need to press that purchase button now...

Let me appeal to a more base motivation - self preservation.  Last minute crowds are filled with people who may not make the best decisions all of the time. Much like Black Friday - you don't want to get trampled.  Now, your biggest worry is getting punched in the face over a toy by someone who has a lot less to lose than you do.  Just think about it...

With that being said there are two dates that I want to remind you of:

  • For orders shipping via USPS First Class - your order must be placed by December 18th for guaranteed Christmas Delivery.
  • For orders shipping via USPS Priority - your order must be placed by December 21st for guaranteed Christmas Delivery.

Christmas is on a Monday this year so the Post Office will be delivering on Sunday, December 24th.  Why risk a trip to urgent care when you can grab everything you need for that special maker in your life (even if it's you).