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Weekly Update - Rise of the Robots!

Posted by Jason Robinson on

Happy Monday everyone! Wait - that doesn't even sound right. Especially as its been an interesting week in the lab, so lets get straight to the details.

As I mentioned last week, there are some exciting new upgrades coming to the Lab.  The least exciting of which is a new water supply line thanks to some shifting concrete and galvanized pipe sorcery.  The lack of water hasn't adversely affected order shipping but it has made pioneer life here annoying.  The plumbers are here as I am writing this so hopefully no one dies of dysentery.

According to our friends at DHL, the Onion Omega2 Power Dock 2 should arrive this afternoon.  As usual once we get the shipment inventoried it will be available for sale.  We still have some of the original Power Docks on sale so if that suits you - you can save a few dollars and help us make room on our shelves.

Our friends over at The Hatch here in Athens are having their monthly hackathon this Friday as well as their Super Official Grand Opening Party Saturday.  Come on out and support this awesome Makerspace.  The monthly hackathons are a great chance to watch me rage because my laptops invariably will want to take 2 hours to update and they always have great food.  Classes for adults and kiddos will be starting soon as well.

And finally, you may be wondering why this post is called Rise of the Robots.  Well, Free Radical Labs now has a 1-800 number.  We are still working the kinks out of the phone system - but oddly enough we received a robocall that navigated our menu system and called my extension - and began reading to me.  Odd.  We will be updating the site with the new contact information this week along with some other little improvements.

Have an awesome week! 

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