Weekly Update: Going Through Changes

There is so much going on behind the scenes right now.  We aren't being secretive because its fun - we just want to roll everything out right.  Things are changing at Free Radical Labs, but I think a better word for what's going on is evolving.

The world around us is changing and we have to stay on top of things or we will get swept up into the netherworld of all the other organizations that don't make it.  The core of our mission has not changed but we have had to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the hard questions.  We can't deny who we are and at the heart of it all, we are makers.

We love seeing ideas come to life.  Previously, we had held fast to the world of electronics and electronic components- but as I've mentioned before we were selling ourselves short of our capabilities as an organization.  Change isn't a bad thing, quite the opposite - it means that you are still alive and paying attention to your surroundings.

Once the dust settles, there will be some of the old mixed in with some new- and we think you might just enjoy it.