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Weekly Update - Catching Our Breath

Posted by Jason Robinson on

According to Adobe Digital Insights, Americans spent 5 Billion (with a B) dollars on Black Friday this year.  Again, billion with a B- in 24 hours.  Apparently this is a big deal.  While retail saw a small drop in foot traffic online sales were strong. This is a good sign that the economy is recovering and it means we should be able to collectively finish 2017 with a positive outlook for 2018.

But what does this mean for me? Well, at time of publication we are in medius res, the middle of things, so to speak. Cyber Monday is tomorrow and that has been traditionally the day that e-commerce retailers did their thing.  However, as people become less inclined to be trampled at a big box store over a game console the e-commerce deals tend to move forward in November - but go ahead and called us old fashioned because we still have some savings up our sleeves.  We're going to list all of the discounts and corresponding codes on the homepage for ease of use.

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