Weekly-ish Update: Seeking Directions

This website turned 3 years old this month.  While we should have had some fanfare, we've decided to save the real party for a big project that we are working on.  When we started we had plans and dreams, but things in life seldom work out how you plan them although its not all doom and gloom.

Over the past few updates, we've been talking about where the business is going.  To put it into perspective, I need to talk about where we've been and then where we are going might make a little more sense.  We have always wanted to be a source of inspiration to people who are looking to create something.  Originally, it took the form of some circuit boards we created and then it grew into a more diverse line of products from many of the best names in the industry.  This is great - however when you are committed to creating you realize that you can't limit yourself.  You cannot deny all of the skills you have.  For the longest time, we have tried to rationalize why we are an electronics store which also sells end mills for CNC routers when there never should have been that rationalization to make.  We are a store for makers and creatives; we need to reflect who we really are.

Free Radical Labs has grown so much over the past 3 years and now we are ready for the next step in our growth.  Growth can be uncomfortable but its a necessary part of life.  We are more than a place to buy solder, yet we want to be the place you buy your solder.  We want you to see our vision as clearly as we do and to do so, we've got to knock some walls down and expand.

Stay tuned...