We Have Teamed Up With Particle to Make ReMix Even Better!

Particle is proudly sponsoring ReMix with Free Radical Labs and Double Helix STEAM School

We are incredibly excited to announce that Free Radical Labs has teamed up with Particle to enhance the ReMix engineering class taught at Double Helix STEAM School in Athens.

During the semester students learn the fundamentals of operation for many of the electronic and electromechanical items that constitute the basis of modern living.  Students receive instruction on proper usage of common electrical engineering tools, fundamentals of electricity and circuits, safe disassembly of common devices and salvage/reuse of components.  The capstone of the ReMix course is a student creation arising from salvaged components which are re-controlled for an alternate purpose.  Additionally, students explore the history of modern electronics to fully grasp the significance of technological advancements they witness daily.

Karen Gerow, Founder of Double Helix STEAM School was excited for the opportunity this affords the students:

We are thrilled to partner with Particle and Free Radical Labs. The ReMix students look forward to their class all week. I’ve never seen students more energized. They can’t wait to share what they have created with everyone they run into. Thanks, Particle Io, for making a difference in these kids’ lives.

Particle is supporting Free Radical Labs and Double Helix by providing students with Photon and Electron hardware allowing students to re-control salvaged components as well as create items that become part of the “internet of things.”  Students will now be able to interact with their projects via WiFi or cellular networks which allow them to make full use of the capabilities provided by the Particle product line.

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