Onion Products Are Back in Stock!

You're probably wondering, "where can I buy an Onion Omega2 or Omega2 Plus?"  Well look no further because Free Radical Labs has you covered.  Last week we sold out of Onion Omega 2 Pluses and docks thanks to phenomenal demand from our customers.

The good folks at Onion were able to put together a much larger restocking shipment and we were able to get it to the United States in just a few days.  We picked up some Omega2 boards and are carrying most of the basic docks.  If you all want us to carry other products from Onion just drop us a note an we will add products to our next shipment.

We're proud to be one of the few stocking distributors in the US and we are also proud to be charging MSRP only.  If you look around there are people who are marking the products up significantly, but we would never do that to our customers.  You can browse our selection of products from Onion below: