May Lab Announcements

The past couple of weeks have seen an awesome response from folks looking for the Onion Omega2, Omega2 Plus and the docks that power them.  We'd like to thank everyone for showing their support for Free Radical Labs!  With that being said there are a few things we'd like to remind everyone about:

1.  We do not ship internationally.  There are two main reasons - cost and customs.  Generally you can find it cheaper, closer.  The last thing we ever want to have happen is someone's order get caught up in customs.

2.  As of publishing, Free Radical Labs is the only US distributor for Onion IOT products.  We are kind of pumped for that, but we would like to remind you about the aforementioned lack of international shipping.  If you are interesting in finding a distributor near you, the list can be found here.

3.  Speaking of shipping, please remember that we ship pretty much exclusively USPS Priority mail.  Your packaging will arrive in a plain or USPS branded box.  This is one way we keep costs down and also it does help make our packages look less conspicuous.

Well folks that's all for lab announcements, thanks for coming through!