Free Radical Labs Joins Forces with Double Helix STEAM School

Free Radical Labs is pleased to announce a community partnership with Double Helix STEAM School.  Located (literally) down the street from the lab, Double Helix offers 4-8 graders a truly unique learning experience here in Athens.  We are pleased to be assisting with the rejuvenation of the school's maker space and we will also be working with students and parents.

Our first major venture will be hosting a parent/student Arduino coding class on Saturday, February, 27th from 1pm-5pm.  This is a great opportunity for parents and their children to work together while learning about coding.  The class is $50 and includes a Free Radical Labs Arduino Starter Kit.

We are very excited to work with Double Helix and we hope that you continue to support us by purchasing items from the online store to keep us moving forward.  You can download the flier for the parent/child coding camp here.

You can learn more about Double Helix by visiting their website, Facebook or Twitter.